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Hollywood Smile

Smile is a key to hearts, a way for people to respect and love each others.It is very important to make a good impression during a meeting between two people, so many seek a Hollywood smile through medical centers in Turkey equipped with the latest technology and devices, as well as dentists.
The process of cosmetic dentistry includes several things that can be done as required by the case of each person wishing to perform a cosmetic surgery to his teeth, including:

Reshaping the gum

Some people have a smile called a periodontal smile.The entire surface of the gums appears when you smile.To get rid of this, people resort to redrawing the gums through surgery or using a laser.

Teeth carving and Orthodontic

Carving is a painless procedure to correct uneven teeth or slightly crowded teeth.
The orthodontic aims to correct the alignment of the teeth and improve the appearance of the smile for consistent teeth.

Teeth whitening

Many people use teeth whitening to get an attractive smile, either through lasers or lenses, a thin layer of porcelain or zircon that is installed on the surface of the teeth with very fine thickness.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the best option to replace lost teeth. They are surgically implanted in the upper or lower jawbone, and the roots of the missing teeth are compensated by titanium stents.

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A smile befitting you

Get rid of blanks and stains and get back the natural colors of your teeth, regain your confidence and


  • To increase your productivity at work.
  • To make the Others trust you more.
  • To relieve your physical pain.
  • For everyone in the room to smile, because smile is contagious.



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Get a celebrity smile, get rid of tooth blemishes and regain confidence
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