PCR test rules for people traveling outside Turkey

The patient guide prepared by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Turkish Ministry of Health and which has been updated according to the pandemic of Corona disease in the world is still a field guide in Turkey. Cases are defined and managed according to what is specified in this guide according to the case-tracking algorithm ((SARS-CoV-2 infection, general information, epidemiology, and diagnosis).

According to this algorithm, people who meet the definition of potential condition must take a PCR test where the tests are done for free. There is no test other than the definition of potential condition mentioned above, except for the checks determined by the Ministry of Health.

People who travel abroad and who are required to take a PCR test by the country they are traveling to are healthy people who are not included in this algorithm.

Those individuals who do not want to perform the tests on their own initiative, are allowed to send the samples to the approved laboratories of the Ministry of Health (list of accredited laboratories) by taking samples in the places specified by the regional health directorates in Turkey.

The rules to be implemented in this scope will be applied as follows:

  1. PCR samples are taken for people who will travel abroad in the Covid 19 diagnostic laboratories approved by the ministry and under the supervision of people designated by the regional health directorates.

  1. People (without discrimination of foreign citizens) will present to the places specified by the Regional Health Directorate with documents documenting their travel abroad (such as tickets, invitations, learning documents, petitions). During the test, they will deposit the examination fee of 110 TL in the specified account number and present the document indicating that they have made the deposit.

  1. Test results can be accessed through the E-nabız website in PDF format without any further approval. Those who are not registered in the e-nabız system will be able to receive a final report from the concerned centers by the regional health directorates.

  1. No fees will be collected from state employees who will go abroad as employees, as these employees must provide proof of their work.

Bank account information for deposit examination fee:

Recipient: The General Directorate of Public Health

Bank name: Halk Bankası Ankara Kurumsal Şubesi

IBAN Number: TR70 0001 2009 4520 0005 0000 41