Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Obesity is a problem of the age and alot are suffering from it, and with the emergence of the problem appeared many solutions, and each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, including the gastric sleeve operation and the use of stomach balloon, but some people are afraid from surgeries, So is the gastric sleeve operation or the use of stomach balloon safe? Will they achieve the desired results?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What is gastric sleeve?

Surgery used to treat obesity by reducing the amount of food eaten.
Before gastric sleeve surgery there are some measures taken such as:
Comprehensive physical testing.
Review the patient’s medical history.
Try to lose weight and reach your ideal weight in other ways, such as a healthy diet or exercise.
Assess the patient’s mental health.
Stop taking certain medications such as aspirin, blood thinners, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Your doctor may give you medications such as antibiotics and laxatives.
The night before surgery, a snack is taken and no food is eaten after midnight.

How is the operation done?

The patient is completely anesthetized.
The doctor installs a joint in your arm to deliver fluid or blood transfusion if needed.Then a breathing tube is placed through the mouth.A doctor will open five to six holes in the abdomen to insert the tools through it and the camera to avoid a wound that stays lifelong.
Stomach pins are used to divide them into two unequal parts: the top is the smallest and is enough for one and a half cups of soft food while the normal stomach is enough for 4-6 cups.
In case of pain some analgesics are given.
The patient stays (2-5 days) in the hospital to make sure there are no complications, and X-rays are made to make sure there are no leaks as a result of the surgery.

What is the stage after the surgery?

Rest for 2-6 weeks.
Stay away from carrying heavy things for two weeks.
Practice walking as soon as possible.
Eat small amounts of food very slowly.
Eat 4-6 meals a day, preferably with pureed food.
When moving to solid foods you should chew well.
Excessive eating causes vomiting, chest pain

What medications are needed?


When should the operation be performed?

If the BMI is more than 40 or (35 – 39) with a life-threatening problem such as: (diabetes or heart disease) then this operation should be performed.

Factors that increase the risk of complications

Heart disease;
Blood disorders.

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