Hair Transplant

Safar Medical is the leading company in hair transplantation using FUE Technique To treat baldness and repair damage caused by accidents, regain your beauty and self-confidence through hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant

What is the difference between hair loss in men and women?

The causes of hair loss vary between women and men. Hair loss begins in men at the age of 17 and lasts until the age of 41 depending on several factors.
The main reason of hair loss is the genetic factor, in addition to malnutrition in the lack of vitamins, such as vitamin D or iron, and dysfunction in the thyroid gland.
While the main cause of hair loss in women is the lack of Estrogen which could be noticed after menopause in women, in addition to the causes of genetic factors and vitamin deficiency mentioned before.
To maintain hair, many people use products (cream and shampoo) to stop hair loss, but these products are commercial, do not give the desired results, and may have side effects which could affect areas other than hair.

Can hair loss be stopped?

A person should Consult a specialist when his hair begins to fall in order to discover causes and treatment, but in some cases hair loss can not be stopped but can be delayed.

What are the ways to treat hair loss?

Hair loss can be treated in two methods. The first one is platelet-rich plasma , which is considered to be the most famous treatments at present. Their use is not limited to hair, but also has great use in medicine.
Plasma helps to renew the skin and human tissue by taking blood from the person’s body, adding a certain vitamin-rich substance and placing the mixture in a centrifuge, which separates the plasma platelets from red blood cells within 25 to 35 minutes and injects them under the skin.
Plasma helps to strengthen hair structure and protect it for a long time and delay the fall, but to get a high result must be conducted at least four sessions.

What is hair transplant and how is it done?

The second method is hair transplantation, which is done by taking follicles from the donor area or the hair bank, the area where the follicles are picked up from. It is located at the back of the scalp. The method of extraction is based on many methods, And transplant them on the balding areas, by taking several steps.
The first step is to shave the hair completely, but there are some cases where the hair transplant could be done without haircut like hair transplant in the forhead only, in other cases hair must be cut.
The front line is then drawn in agreement with the patient by the specialist doctor, and usually many people prefer to draw the line down the forehead, in which case the hair transplanted above the muscles of the forehead, and gives the hair the appearance of the wig.
But to get a natural look, you should pay attention to the expert opinion because the line drawn for hair transplant will not change with age and will remain the same.
The patient is then dressed in a special clothing and can wear something comfortable (shorts) since the process takes six to eight hours depending on the number of follicles taken, so it is better to be comfortable patient, then the head skin is anesthesed through local anesthesia under the supervision of specialized doctors.
The hair is taken from the area between the ears «donor area», approximately a distance of 4 to 5 fingers, and collected follicles by micrometer and sorted according to the number of hairs in each follicle and placed within the liquid in which it is kept.
The appropriate channels are then opened in the places where the hair will be transplanted. The transplant is approximately 65 to 85 hairs follicles per cm, and the pain varies from person to person in this period.
After the operation, the area from which the hair is taken is covered with a special sterile cloth for 24 hours to prevent inflammation and swelling in the patient’s appearance whom will be taken to his room by the specialist.
The patient sleeps in his room laying on his back using the Neck pillow given to him and he will Continue to use the pillow for five days to prevent hitting or scratching the head of the patient with anything.
therefore patient’s hair will face no damage, as the first 24 hours is the period of holding the transplanted hair, which is very important so it should be under observation.
Also the pressure, the sugar and the heartbeat should be monitored. It is recommended for the patient to rest on the first day. After 24 hours of operation, the sterile cloth is removed from the hair area then it will be covered with an ointment.

What should be done before hair transplantation?

The patient must prepare himself for the process, by stopping the consumption of alcohol for ten days before the operation, in addition to stopping the use of blood-thinner drugs such as aspirin, and tonics that affect the operation, for a month before the operation.
The patient should tell the doctor about all the medications he takes before the procedure, and the patient must reduce the smoke, if he is a smoke as much as possible due to its negative impact on the transplanted follicles and must refrain from drinks containing caffeine before the day of the operation.
The patient must eat well before the operation avoid low blood pressure and sugar.

Is there any pain during the operation?

The pain varies from one person to another. Some people suffer from the first injection, while others spend the rest comfortably sleeping. It is about the person’s sensitivity to pain. A person can be anesthetized for 15 minutes to feel no pain if he desired.

Who are the right people to transplant hair?

There are varieties of people who are not suitable for hair transplant. those who have no hair in the donor area. For pregnant women they can perform the operation a year after the birth because after a year the hormones are stable in case she does not breastfeed the baby.

The difference between Choi pens and FUE transplant

FUE technique is used for large baldness cases because it allows to transplant more follicles.
As for Choi pens technology (DHI), it is suitable for small baldness cases in addition to in these cases it is more accurate using the pen. Also it is a technique that does not need to haircut.
As for women, transplantation of mustache, goatee and eyebrows could be applied only by using this technique , because when women think about hair transplant they are afraid of getting their hair cut but with DHI technique they are able to transplant hair and change forehead line without cutting their hair.

Is it possible to recognise who has hair transplant?

This is related to the experience of the team that carried out the operation. It is possible to apply a dense transplant up to 95 follicles per square centimeter.

Does implanted hair fall?

The hair that is transplanted does not fall down because the donor area from which the follicles are taken is free of the androgen hormone. When the follicle is removed, it is taken from its root, which is free of the androgen hormone, the baldness hormone, thus ensuring that the patient does not lose the transplanted hair .

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