Başakşehir Hospital

Başakşehir Istanbul Hospital Project or The Medical City of Başakşehir, implemented by the Ministry of Health, is one of the strongest projects of the public-private partnership in Turkey and is the third largest investment project in it, which will serve Istanbul and the surrounding provinces medically and meet its full needs through its large capacity. The project was completed and the hospital was fully opened, including the ambulance department, on May 20, 2020.

The medical city of Başakşehir consists of 8 main blocks, all of which will be available to residents of Istanbul and the cities around it, which are the General Hospital, the Children’s Hospital, the Maternity Hospital, the Oncology Hospital, the Neurology and Orthopedics Hospital, the Cardiology Hospital, the Psychiatric Hospital, and the physiotherapy.

Set up to serve 32,700 patients per day with a capacity of 2,682 beds, Başakşehir City Hospital aims to find a solution to the health needs not only in Istanbul but the entire region with an area of more than one million square meters. One of the most important features of the hospital is that it was built according to the needs of Istanbul, which is at risk of earthquake. In the hospital, which will be equipped with earthquake isolation technology, which is accepted as the most effective technique in transporting earthquake loads from buildings, where all operational activities will be carried out without interruption even during and after severe earthquakes. The hospital was built on a 2068 tri-populist seismic insulator, which converts the latest technology in the earthquake insulation, which will make this medical city the largest seismic isolated building in the world and will become the region’s favorite in the field of medical tourism.

The Turkish state has also intended to serve the hospital and facilitate access from all regions, where it can be accessed through the Yavuz Sultan Salim Bridge and the main road network connecting Istanbul. A special metro station has also been planned for the hospital so that all Istanbul residents can reach it comfortably and quickly.

With a capacity of 2,682 beds and an internal construction area of 1,000,000 square meters, Istanbul Başakşehir City Hospital will have the title of “Largest Seismic Insulator Building in the World”, with 2,040 seismic insulators placed in the main hospital building. Istanbul Başakşehir Hospital will continue to perform all operational activities without interruption, even during and after the most severe earthquake, thanks to the world’s most advanced earthquake insulators.

The Hospital of The City of Başakşehir in Istanbul will consist of 2,354 main beds, 200 physiotherapy and rehabilitation beds and a psychiatric hospital with a capacity of 128 beds. The main hospital consists of 6 blocks built around a common infrastructure and will contain the following units.

469-beds for general hospital

327-beds for cardiovascular hospital

311-beds for orthopedic and neurology hospital

Children’s Hospital with 521 beds

359-beds for Women’s Hospital

367-beds for oncology hospital

128-beds for psychiatric hospital

200-beds for physiotherapy and rehabilitation hospital