The rise of medical or health tourism is one of the current trends in the medical landscape. Which is simply the act of traveling to another nation to obtain medical care and other health-related services.

health tourism industry

Residents of less developed nations, where specific medical treatments are not currently available for particular illnesses, are more likely to explore health or medical tourism. They fly abroad to receive the necessary therapy. However, the pattern is changing as more industrialized countries seek lower-cost, higher-quality medical care with shorter wait times (or no waiting periods in many cases).

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, with the worldwide medical tourism industry predicted to reach $179.6 billion by 2026.

Other factors contributing to the movement’s appeal include:

Treatment that is affordable without affecting service quality

There is no need to wait for a surgery or elective treatment to be scheduled.

It is time for immigrants who are returning home for a medical procedure to receive the attention and care they require.

Others who go far from home will have fewer questions to answer and answers to provide to family and friends if they receive treatment away from home.

Turkey for medical tourism

Turkey is now one of the top 17 most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. Only 700,000 foreigners visited Turkey in 2018 to take advantage of the outstanding treatment and medical care facilities.

Some of the reasons for Turkey’s popularity are as follows:

The country boasts a reasonably priced healthcare system.

It boasts the most accredited hospitals in the United States.

The majority of doctors who have educated in Europe and America prefer to work and obtain their residency in Turkey.

If these aren’t compelling enough reasons for you to choose Turkey for medical tourism, consider the following:

Turkey is the central hub of East and West

Turkey is known as the “Gateway to the East.” Its position makes it easily accessible from every continent or country. It has also long been a worldwide commercial, cultural, and political hub.

Istanbul Airport in Turkey is also one of the world’s largest. Once finished in the latter half of 2020, it will cater to and accommodate around 200 million passengers per year, with approximately 300 direct flights across the world.

Surgeries are cheaper in Turkey

Overall, operations in Turkey can be up to 90% less expensive, and 67 percent of people who travel overseas benefit from treatment in a private hospital. This says a lot about how pricey their medical services are. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery in Turkey is 70% less expensive than in the rest of Europe. You may save more money without losing the quality of the services you want.

Furthermore, Turkish Airlines provides a unique discount for treatment to passengers. When you add up the cost of the operation, travel, and lodging, it will still be less expensive than having the same procedure in most Western nations, so why not take a vacation at the same time?

Proficient when it comes to treatment offerings

While certain nations are well-known for specific forms of therapy, Turkey is not one of them. People from all over the globe visit Turkey for a variety of reasons, including hair transplantation, cancer treatment, dental care, low-cost in vitro fertilization (IVF), and more. It is also popular for smoking cessation and mental health treatment.

High-quality hospitals and surgeons

The beauty of Turkey’s medical business is how it assists the government in developing and upgrading its health sector, propelling it to the forefront of the industry. The government is using the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model to develop the country’s healthcare infrastructure, while private hospitals are also investing in their facilities. As previously said, in addition to investing, globally educated surgeons choose to stay and practice in Turkey to ensure that the level of treatment is always the highest it can be.

quick response

They respect their international patients because they understand the benefits of medical tourism in their own country. You can have a planned operation up to two weeks sooner than in the UK, where certain procedures might take up to 18 months.


Consider Turkey if you require surgery or private care. Aside from the high quality and accessibility of medical services at reasonable rates, this lovely nation offers a unique blend of Eastern, European, and Arabic traditions.